Raising Roofs

As parents, we are the roof over our family. We provide stability, security, and safety. We protect our children from the harsh elements outside and set the tone of environment inside. Our stability impacts the stability of our children. If we have a leak in our roof, our children will be impacted by the elements. Our condition can be damaged by addiction, childhood pain, poor choices, and financial mismanagement. The causes of a leaky roof can be endless. What our children are exposed to by our leaky roof will be their normal. If we live with a bucket in our living room, our children will become adults thinking the bucket is regular living room decor.

But here’s the good news. We all have to repair our roof at some point. None of us are immune to life’s problems. We all get leaks. Having a damaged roof is the perfect opportunity to teach our children how to repair the problem. God has entrusted us with our children, because He knows with His grace, we can be the best parents for them. We can pass down curses, but we can also pass down blessings. There’s nothing better than passing down the message of restoration and grace. We can raise up better roof builders. So, call the roofer, go to rehab, go to counseling, make amends, learn to take a breather, call a friend, and work on ourselves. The best way to have effective parenting is to heal and improve. We need to take the log out of our own eye before we can take the speck out of our children’s eyes. Pass down blessings. Fix that roof.